The best choice of tiles you can have for hired event venues

Design pattern

Tiles are an integral part of any place. Most of the people do not think above the paint they are going to put on the walls but the floors cover a major part of the room too. In addition to that, the ceiling and the walls can be tiled too. It is totally up to you if you don’t find the right tiles.

When you own a venue that is up for hire for events, it is pretty obvious that your place is going to witness the crowd. This reflects a need for your place to look its best and so the talk about the tiles. Also, it is important to choose the tiles as per the following factors:

The style

This part is about how to choose what tiles to select based on aesthetics. After all, your venue might have a theme or there might be a certain vibe that you want your place to have. This is the reason, why the design you choose matters. This also includes the colour if you go for no design. Make your place too vibrant, comfortable, dark or bright – by simply picking the perfect design.

Then we have textures and patterns as well, or you can decide a tile-based on its glaze (because of more the glaze easier it is to clean them.)

Tile size

The size of the tile matters a lot because the larger their size the larger they make the room look. This also varies as per the size of the venue. For example, you have a large hall-type place or auditorium kind of setting – go for the large tiles.


Even the grout that you go for matters as it shouldn’t only complement the tiles but add to their durability as well. The better the adhesion of the grout, the more it supports the tiles which help avoid their breaking easily.

Architectural design

The material

This is very important because whatever you pick, it should be able to support all the crowd an event can bring in to your place.

  • Ceramic tiles are durable, can be cleaned easily and fits your budget. You can choose the glazed ones if you want something to last longer or the unglazed ones if you want a more artistic touch.
  • Porcelain tiles imitate stone, brick or wood. They are even good for outdoors as well as they don’t freeze, fade or crack.
  • Glass tiles are an alternative to natural stones. It is easy to clean them but at the same time, they aren’t meant for a crowded place. Though they add a very chic look when they are used for tabletops and fireplaces.
  • Granite tiles are a cheaper alternative to marble tiles. They not only offer a look and touch similar to that of marble but can last longer and don’t need much maintenance.
  • Limestone tiles are also natural stone type tiles. If you want to add a more ancient look to your place then this it. These are not only soft but pretty durable at the same time. They can be cut easily and so drawing out patterns out of the stone is the coolest stuff you could do with them.
  • Quarry tiles are very tough and they are naturally slip-resistant. Baked at high temperature, they are water-resistant, non-porous and naturally dense. They have a brick-like touch to them. The only drawback is the staining as the material is susceptible to it. But this one’s best suited for any place that is going to face the crowd any moment now.

Don’t just show people your place but let them feel the intensity that your corporate event venue has. Choosing the right tiles can do a lot for a place.

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