The Perfect Gallery Hanging System

The Gallery System is a strong and versatile art hanging systems gallery track system which adapts quickly to changing needs. It has actually been in use since 1989 and has actually been granted an Australian patent. The Original Gallery System has actually the included advantage of working with our own mounted lights system All the Gallery Systems products are perfect for art galleries, museums, universities, workplaces, real estate window screens, exhibits and homes to name simply a few.

art hanging system

Hanging art can be a time-consuming task. Among the great advantages of this image hanging track system is its speed of use. Hanging art is an easy process with the Gallery Systems items.

The gallery track lighting system.

When displaying art it is very crucial to incorporate the proper lighting – art lighting can now be accessed much easier. Our mounted lights systems for art offer an entirely brand-new way to light art for photo hanging. Low voltage light wands lock onto the exact same track that hangs your art. Like the hanging systems they can be quickly relocated to any position on the track. Just lock them on and they illuminate your picture.

Because the system puts the lights near to the art, lighting is much more efficient. Our lighting system just utilizes either 20-watt diachroic lamps or 10 watt LED lights for an even bigger energy savings.

All the Gallery Systems products are designed and put together in Australia. We offer quality, time-saving and affordable solutions for picture hanging solutions and lighting your art. There are major suppliers located in all corners of Australia consisting of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania in addition to various nations worldwide.

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