Tips to Save Money and Still Have your Dream Wedding

When planning, a wedding ask yourself: What exactly are my most important three fantasy components? Is the Food most significant? The ring? The apparel?

Here are four tips to help you have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of while still keeping costs down!

Venue and Accommodation Costs:

wedding reception, yarra valley wineryConsider booking on a Friday night or a Sunday morning wedding reception. This can offer a huge amount of savings over heavier Saturday night expenses. Also, if possible, think about a Thursday night, which may shave roughly 10 percent to 20 percent off your costs, and you and your visitors get to enjoy a weekend (just be certain that you send out save- the-dates ASAP!)

Costs are reduced throughout the “off season” (months of December to March), and may add around $40 to $50 less per visitor

When Searching for a place, you should always inquire about the Special events intended for the space prior to and after yours. Oftentimes, it is possible to see what gear (lighting, staging, draping, etc.) they’re using and possibly ‘talk down’ the total cost of the gear if the two occasions have comparable demands, leaving you some extra cash to spend on finding the best wedding photographer.

Flowers & Decor

Put your money where guests invest some time and they will love it. If you are not having a sit-down dinner, then do not waste your flower budget on costly table figurines. If you are taking advantage of a cocktail reception and everybody is going to be lined up in the pub, have your designer create a ‘wow factor’ flowery item in this area so guests can fully enjoy the arrangement! If you focus the decoration in 1 place rather than spreading it out round the space, this might easily help save you up to 20% in your decoration budget.

Remember that fauna such as carnations are among the most cost-effective blossoms available. When they are employed in compact monochromatic designs they have a great deal of impact.

Consult your floral designer, there’s a lot of flowers that are cheap but look expensive. For Example, avoid ‘classic hydrangeas’ which have wine-tinted blossoms, because they cost around $30 apiece retail. Your floral designer may use specialization floral spray to create normal hydrangeas seem like the pricier type, saving you a tonne of money

Let your floral ace propose fabulous fillers. Bear bud provides a striking architectural appearance to centrepieces and prices 60 to 70 percent less than a few other greenery and fillers. In terms of infant’s breath, a lot might cost a mere $6 per hour, however to get an impressive appearance, you’re going to want a lot…that could add around $80.

Tall centrepieces are typically beginning at roughly $150. You can easily save 50 to 60 percent by removing height, and incorporating a romantic feel with much more candlelight compared to florals, a good photographer will capture the setting well in the wedding photos.


yarra valley winery, yarra valley wineries, wedding receptionHouse liquors can save 15% within the Expense of top-shelf Liquors

By just providing a couple of signature beverages, and house beers and wines you can save a lot. Hard liquor isn’t a requirement at a wedding and can drive up the price.

Avoid the signature cocktail, change to wine and beer in your reception. This will easily save a great 30 percent or more in your liquor bill. If you really want to save on the alcohol bill and location isn’t a massive factor try a venue that will offer discounts on alcohol prices. For instance, in Australia a Yarra Valley Winery will typically offer discounts on wine for their labels, and similarly breweries or even small batch brewers will do the same if they’re in your area.

We all enjoy a champagne toast, but restricting the actual champagne at the reception to only the wedding couple can save a chunk of money. Having an average guest listing of 140, you’ll save a lot by not using a reception.


Watch-while-they-cook ‘activity stations’ can include an interactive component to the day that can save you a lot of money. Everybody becomes fed without the hassle and the wait for table support, and cutting back on the wait staff ought to readily shave 15% from your catering bill

Buffet design can usually be cheaper than Formal, sit-down provider, saving roughly 20 to 30 percent and it is becoming increasingly common, which fortunately means the negative connotation surrounding buffets has been removed

Healthy dishes are also an option, which are much less costly per menu item compared to heavier and much more indulgent foods often found cocktail party functions and in sit-down dinners

It is Currently in great popularity to tantalize guests during the cocktail hour with only a couple of stations rather than five or four, and extend hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, picking healthy, lighter foods, that cost a whole lot less than milder hot-station foods

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